Multi- Domain Robot Command and Control Station (MDRC2)

Multi- Domain Robot Command and Control Station (MDRC2)

• ROS & JAUS Support:

  • ROS compliant with a wide set of commercial and research platforms. Easy to add and remove modules for robot specific background processing.
  • JAUS compliant (Military and law enforcement) for unmanned systems.
  • Dynamic discovery of robot in the network with appropriate robot configuration .
  • Communication data flows QoS management from the C2I.

• Hardware & GUI

  • Rugged hardware with internal power (~6hrs), communication equipment, industrial joystick interface, bluetooth gamepad and an exoskeleton for intuitive control of a slave robot arm.
  • Automated discovery module identifies robots on the network and dynamically configures GUI.
  • Sensor visualizations – Global pose, inertial measurements, point clouds, wireless quality, battery level, cameras and video streams.
  • MapView: Interface based on web technology (Open Layers). Displays map layers, vectorial data annotation and inspection tools including robots specifc information such as trajectories, waypoints, polygons, images etc).

• Local GIS

  • Hosts a locally configured geoserver with offline vectorial and raster maps.
  • Support for OGC WMS and WFS (with transaction capability).
  • Custom support in DB to store sensor data such as robot global pose, images & videos, point clouds, robot heath data etc. using WFS-t.
  • A server for providing situational awareness maps on portable devices within a browser.

For more information, we invite you to look the following video prepared by the ICARUS consortium: